Fremont Summer Camp 2016 Highlights

Tesla – S Cars

Summer camp fremont

A scale down model of Tesla’s popular electric sedan. It’s made for children ages three to eight, and tops out at 6 miles per hour. The speed can be limited to just 3 miles per hour.



Bubble Soccer


You likely don’t know what it’s like to play soccer while inside a plastic bubble.It is a lot of laughter and a lot of bumping.There’s bumping, bouncing, rolling and laughing.


Saturday, 3rd September, 2016

11AM to 1PM


'All those students who attended any After School Program last year,


plan to attend any After School in 2016-17, in city of Fremont'

Stage Fright


This is NOT a generic Public Speaking Program. The program emphasizes on strategies to help students overcome ‘STAGE FRIGHT’.


It will help students to work on their mind and body, to understand their weaknesses, and how to overcome them. How to ground yourself, calm your breath, relax your posture, accept feelings of fear and anxiety, understand the emotional brain and encourage your brain to evolve.



How to be a Rockstar Student


A teacher led program, with the help of videos.

‘How to learn’, and not merely memorize. Sample topics covered are:

  • ‘Understanding Your Unique Intelligence’
  • ‘Developing Effective Habits in Class’
  • ‘Managing Time and Organizing Space’
  • ‘Taking Charge of Homework’
  • ‘Thinking Critically’
  • ‘Writing Well’
  • ‘Work with Teachers’


Artificial Turf, ~ 6,000 Sq Ft Play Area
Spacious and Ventilated Classrooms
Floodlit Soccer Field
Floodlit Basketball Court
Ballet Dance Studio
More than 15,000 Sq ft of Play Area

World’s Spectacular Natural Wonders, their Geology


Teacher led instruction, with the help of Videos: Students should tremendously enjoy the video footage of the geological formations.


Shaped by erosion, plate tectonics, volcanic eruptions, and other processes over the course of billions of years, Earth is a planet of immense variety. Impressive geological scenes of astonishing valleys, mountains, waterfalls, or other formations make us wonder on the science and process of their formation. Some sample topics are.

  • Grand Canyon and it’s Featureless Plateau
  • Mount Fiji and it’s perfect cone shape
  • Galapagos Rift and moving tectonic plates
  • The Himalayas – what makes them so high
  • The Amazon basin – 20% of earth’s fresh water
  • Iguaza Falls and their connection to mid atlantic ridge
  • Iceland – where fire meets ice
  • Yellow Stone – volcano beneath a continent
  • The Dead Sea – lowest elevation and nine times saltier

Engineering Magic in our Daily Lives


Teacher led instruction, with the help of Videos: To understand machines around us, their systems, engineering and evolution. Get familiar with structures, inventions and services which put to use centuries of scientific and mechanical ingenuity to use. Some sample topics are…

  • Engineering in buildings, infrastructure, and ordinary machines
  • A house – an engineered system
  • Three structural systems of load bearing
  • Oil, Gas and Nuclear Power
  • Trade-offs of oil, natural gas and nuclear fission for electricity
  • Renewable Sources of Electricity
  • Electrical Power Transmission – the grid
  • Everyday Thermodynamics : connection between heat, temperature, work and energy
  • Heating Ventilating and Air-conditioning
  • Highway Engineering
  • The railroad

3D Printing with ‘Flashforge Dreamer Printer’


Students will discover 3D printing, and how 3D printing is changing our future. Students will use easy-to-learn interface to design simple 3D objects, and print their creations in 3-D print process. Print their creations in 3D printer. Students will get hands on practice in 3D designing and printing.

Tech City, Learning to Code—Beginner / Advanced


Students will learn to design and create their own video game using Scratch / Tynker’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop development tools. Using the visual code blocks, they will create characters, add multiple levels, and transform their ideas into a game. A project they will take home, to play on web, iphone Or android.


They will learn programming concepts such as conditional structures and variables, problem solving skills, sequential programming, loops while building fun projects like games, applications and simulations.



Cooking – Children will experience the joy of cooking and will try different mouth watering recipes and crazy food combinations which would be fun and a great learning experience for them. This will also allow them to discover creativity in a new art,  encourage them to expand their own tastes, and feel empowered in the kitchen with a new confidence and a new skill!!



Students will explore all aspects of theatre including script-writing, character development, set design, improvisation, directing, and of course, ACTING while participating in theatrical games and exercises.


Children will enjoy putting up a theatrical show based on their favorite characters from Fairy tales to Star Wars for other campers  as they build performance skills and learn self-confidence, teamwork and theater abilities.

Inventions that Changed the World


Teacher led instruction, with the help of Videos: The engineering concepts, systems, analogy, socio-cultural relevance explained in videos help the
students understand and get engaged.


How all the wheels, gears, engines, and circuits operate, and help understand what it took to create these inventions—both from an engineering stance and from a socio cultural perspective. Sample topics covered are…

  • Understand the Process of Invention – Close Observation, Analogy, System thought process, Cultural contact
  • Pottery and Metallurgy
  • Paper and Printing
  • Gunpowder, Guns and Cannons
  • Telescopes and Microscopes
  • Power of Coal and Iron
  • Canals and Railroads
  • Batteries and Electric Generators
  • Nuclear Power
  • Aviation
  • Radio and TV

Hubble Telescope—Milky Way and Beyond


Teacher led instruction, with the help of Videos. Understanding the Greatest Images of the Universe. Dazzling voyage of discovery that delights your eyes, feeds your imagination, and sparks your curiosity about the universe.


Some of the topics covered are:

  • Hubble telescope and its design—rationale for space telescope
  • Star birth to star death—a preview of Sun’s distant future
  • Comet Shoemaker – Collision of string of comets with Jupiter
  • Sagittarius Star, and history of milky way
  • Eagle Nebula – emerging young stars from cocoons of gas and dust
  • Hubble’s view of galaxies near and far
  • The Hubble ‘Ultra Deep Field’ – The deepest optical image of the cosmos made to date
  • Future of Hubble and the next generation of telescopes

Summer Camp K-G1

Drive Tesla—S’

  • Academics
  • Phonics
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math Advantage

Cognitive and Social

  • Story Time
  • Magic ‘Abra Ka Dabra’
  • ‘Chefy Flavors’
  • Puppeteering

Visual and Performing Arts

  • Arty and Clayey Creations
  • Popstars
  • Hip-Hop


  • ‘Budding Einsteins’ – ‘Seed to Snack’
  • ‘Young Architectures’
  • ‘Bob the Builder’ – Lego Models

Sports and Outdoor Activity

  • Basketball Coaching
  • Soccer Coaching
  • Drive—’Tesla—S’ cars


Summer Camp G2-G3

‘Drive Tesla-S’ & ‘Bubble Soccer’


  • Math
  • Grammar, Comprehension

Student Skills

  • ‘How to be a Rockstar Student’
  • ‘Conquer Stage Fright’
  • ‘Talent Hunt’
  • Chefs in Action

General Sciences and Awareness

  • ‘Presidential Elections in USA’
  • ‘World’s Spectacular Wonders, their Geology’

Science and Technology

  • Learning to Code—Programming
  • Science Minions—Science Experiments
  • Young Architects
  • Knex Engineering, Lego Robotics

Visual and Performing Arts

  • Theater—’Page to Stage’
  • Artsville, Claysculpting
  • Popstars, Hip-hop

Sports and Outdoor Activity

  • Basketball and Soccer Coaching
  • Drive—’Tesla—S’ cars
  • Bubble Soccer

Summer Camp G4-G7

‘General Sciences’ & ‘Bubble Soccer’


  • Math
  • Language Arts

General Sciences and Awareness

  • ‘Wonders of Hubble Telescope’
  • ‘World’s Spectacular Wonders, their Geology’
  • ‘Engineering Marvels in Daily Life’
  • ‘Inventions that Changed the World’

Student Skills

  • ‘How to be a Rockstar Student’
  • ‘Conquer Stage Fright’
  • ‘Chefs in Action’

Visual and Performing Arts

  • Theater—’Page to Stage’
  • Hip-hop
  • ‘Color me Summer’, Craft, Clay Sculpting

Science and Technology

  • 3D Printing
  • TechCity
  • Science Minions—’Circuits’ and ‘Chemists’
  • Knex Engineering, Lego Robotics

Sports and Outdoor Activity

  • Basketball and Soccer Coaching
  • Bubble Soccer