About Us


  • Provide a safe, assured and an encouraging environment which helps build self-esteem, confidence, independence, creativity and inquisitiveness in children
  • Offer many different programs, for each child to discover unique talents and develop a sense of accomplishment and high self confidence
  • Pace learning to student’s abilities and make learning an enjoyable experience – a ‘Fun way to learn’ and help develop ‘Happy Minds’
  • Develop skills for all students to be able to contribute progressively in a diverse global community
  • Provide a culturally responsible, responsive and an enriching learning environment.

Philosophy of the Program

  • Happy minds are successful and confident
  • Happy minds are fun to be with
  • Happy minds are positive and progressive
  • Happy minds are secure and inquisitive
  • Happy minds are happy between people

Riverdales creates a supportive, assured and loving environment to ‘Nurture and Nourish Happy Minds’


Founders are academic and corporate professionals with MBA from top 10 Business schools. They have worked in top 5 fortune companies in areas of venture funding, entrepreneurship, business strategy and marketing.

Team is a great mix of faculty with strong background in academics, and professionals with corporate experience. The unique blend of knowledge from two different domains,  helps the team structure and offer a relevant program, which lays a strong foundation for children to prepare better, for the world tomorrow.