Swimming For students of all grades

Riverdales partners with ‘American Swim Academy’ to provide swim lessons all through the year. (www.americanswimacademy.com)

American Swim Academy is a renowned company providing swim lessons to the bay area for 40 years now. Students from Riverdales will take lessons in the recently completed large and modern infrastructure near Auto Mall Pkwy, Fremont

Riverdales will transport students enrolled for swim lessons to American Swim to take a 30-minute swim class once a week. Students must come prepared with a swimsuit, towel and goggles on swim lesson days.


  • Days and times: 4PM to 4:30PM Tuesdays
  • Registration: directly with American Swim
  • Transportation arrangements – Parents to coordinate with Riverdales upon confirmation with American Swim Academy

Last date for registration: Ongoing, subject to availability of spots at American Swim Academy